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Foundations in Accountancy – FIA

FIA is a great starting point for your ACCA qualification journey or if you are new to accounting and finance and are interested in a finance-related role. FIA can either act as a foundation for ACCA exams at the Skills and Professional level or even act as a separate certification for you to secure entry-level jobs. It consists of 7 exams and a Professional Ethics module. You will gain technical knowledge and tools to excel in an accounting technician role.

With a Foundations in Accountancy Qualification, you’ll be ready to work in businesses and organisations of any size and take on roles such as:

  • Junior bookkeeper
  • Accounting administrator
  • Accounts clerk
  • Junior accountant

In the context of your ACCA journey, FIA is a good entry point for ACCA's main qualification and can be also used as an independent qualification. It also acts as very good preparation for further skills and professional-level papers.

FIA Coaching

ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting
  • Financial Record Keeping (FA1)
  • Management Information (MA1)
ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting
  • Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)
  • Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)
ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business
  • Business and Technology (FBT)
  • Financial Accounting (FFA)
  • Management Accounting (FMA)

Vidyavedh FIA Advantage

  • Scientific approach to studies and exam papers
  • Unique techniques for exam preparation
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Counseling and guidance on FIA courses

Each of these Diplomas is a qualification that can qualify you as a candidate fit for a junior-level finance-related job in a reputed company. It is recommended that you start at Level 2 if you are completely new to finance and accounting.

Certified Accounting Technician

You can also become a Certified Accounting Technician – CAT after taking all the FIA exams. You also need to complete the 2 specialist options awards for this.
You may choose from
  • Foundations in Audit (FAU)
  • Foundations in Financial Management (FFM)
  • Foundations in Taxation (FTX)

In addition to this, you have to complete one year of relevant work experience – the Foundations in Practical Experience Requirement - FPER.

FPER can provide you exemption from one year of PER and 3 performance objectives if you continue to do the main ACCA qualification.

Employers recognize CAT qualification as a testimony to your skills and knowledge in accountancy t work at a technician level. It’s a very good way to enter the finance/accounting job market.

Foundations in Professionalism Module

FIA students are required to complete the Foundations in Professionalism Module which is an online interactive module. This module can either be completed before or after the exams and need to be done only once. No time limit is applicable for completion hence it can be completed at your pace.